Apple’s decision to allow Epic Games to develop a competing European app store for iPhones marks a significant shift in the ongoing feud between the two tech giants. This reversal came after Apple faced pressure from the new Digital Markets Act in Europe, which aims to promote competition in the tech sector by requiring big companies to open up their platforms.

The Digital Markets Act, which came into effect recently, is a groundbreaking legislation that pushes tech companies to comply with stringent rules to prevent anti-competitive behavior. This law designates certain companies as “gatekeepers” and forces them to follow specific guidelines to level the playing field for competitors.

Epic Games’ CEO, Tim Sweeney, welcomed Apple’s decision as a victory for European rule of law and developers’ freedom to speak out. The game maker had previously expressed frustration at Apple’s rejection of its app store proposal, equating the tech giant’s actions to feudal lords silencing dissent.

The conflict between Epic Games and Apple has been ongoing, with the game maker challenging Apple and Google’s tight control over app distribution and fees. Epic Games has actively sought to promote competition in the app store market, leading to legal battles and regulatory scrutiny.

Thierry Breton, the EU’s internal market commissioner, expressed satisfaction at Apple’s decision to reverse its stance on Epic Games. He highlighted the immediate impact of the Digital Markets Act and praised the move as a positive outcome of the new regulations.

Apple’s decision to allow Epic Games to develop a competing app store signifies a significant shift in the tech industry’s landscape. The implementation of the Digital Markets Act in Europe has forced tech giants like Apple to reevaluate their policies and open up their platforms to foster healthy competition. This development is a positive step towards ensuring a fair playing field for developers and consumers alike.


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