With the upcoming solar eclipse in April, anticipation is building as people across North America prepare to witness this rare celestial event. Not since 2017 have parts of the US experienced a total solar eclipse, and the buzz surrounding it is palpable. Weather permitting, Mexico’s Pacific coast will be the first to fall under the path of totality, followed by areas from Texas to Maine and out to the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The feeling of totality is disorientating yet awe-inspiring, as it reminds us of our small place in the universe and the intricate dance of celestial objects.

As excitement grows for the solar eclipse, concerns are also rising about the impact on road safety. A study conducted after the 2017 eclipse found that fatal road accidents spiked in the US during the event. This was attributed to the massive influx of around 20 million people traveling to witness the eclipse, leading to congested roads and traffic jams lasting hours. The study revealed that fatal crashes increased by about 30 percent during the eclipse, with young people being at a 70 percent higher risk of being involved in a fatal crash.

While the eerie darkness brought about by the eclipse can disrupt animals’ day-night cycles, the reasons behind the increase in road accidents are likely more mundane. Factors such as driving on unfamiliar routes, speeding to reach the path of totality on time, and being swept up in the excitement of the event could all contribute to the rise in road fatalities. Additionally, driving while intoxicated or viewing the eclipse from unsafe roadside positions may have also played a role in these deadly accidents.

As we prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse, it is crucial to keep driving safety in mind. The findings of the study serve as a sobering reminder to take precautions on the road and drive safely during this event. It is important to plan your route in advance, obey traffic laws, and avoid reckless driving behaviors. Additionally, ensure that you have all necessary supplies, such as eclipse glasses, before hitting the road to protect yourself and others.

While the upcoming solar eclipse is an exciting event that many are looking forward to, it is essential to prioritize safety on the road. By being responsible drivers, following safety precautions, and staying alert during the eclipse, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Let’s make sure to take care of ourselves and others while witnessing this extraordinary celestial phenomenon.


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