Samsung, a leading South Korean tech company, announced its plans to acquire French artificial intelligence company Sonio. The primary goal of this acquisition is to strengthen Samsung’s cutting-edge medical diagnostic systems, particularly in the field of maternal care. The integration of AI technology into medical equipment has become increasingly prevalent in various industries, including healthcare, with companies worldwide investing significantly in incorporating AI into their products.

Samsung Medison, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics specializing in medical equipment manufacturing, will lead the acquisition of Sonio. The purchase is expected to enhance prenatal ultrasound exams through AI-enhanced ultrasound systems. The CEO of Samsung Medison, Yong Kwan Kim, emphasized the potential for a paradigm shift in ultrasound exams by combining the ultrasound AI technology and reporting capabilities of Sonio. The acquisition price for all Sonio’s shares amounts to 126 billion won (approximately $92 million) as per public financial records, pending regulatory approvals in France.

Sonio’s Impact on Medical Technology

Sonio is known for its innovative AI technology that utilizes machine learning to improve the accuracy, quality, and analysis of ultrasounds. The Sonio Detect product, approved for use in the United States, specifically focuses on analyzing images of a fetus, including vital structures like the brain and heart. The acquisition of Sonio represents Samsung’s commitment to advancing its AI offerings across various sectors. As a global leader in memory chip production, Samsung has also ventured into AI hardware, a key component for cutting-edge technologies.

Following the acquisition, Sonio will maintain its headquarters in France and operate independently. The collaboration between Sonio and Samsung Medison aims to expand medical reporting technology and diagnostic software, particularly in underserved healthcare areas globally. Sonio’s CEO, Cecile Brosset, expressed optimism about the partnership’s ability to drive advancements in AI-driven medical solutions. For Samsung, the integration of Sonio’s AI technology aligns with its long-term strategy to enhance its Galaxy AI tech, featured in its latest smartphone models unveiled in January.

Samsung’s acquisition of Sonio underscores the growing importance of AI in medical care and diagnostic systems. By leveraging Sonio’s expertise in ultrasound AI technology, Samsung aims to revolutionize prenatal ultrasound exams and improve healthcare outcomes worldwide. The synergy between Samsung and Sonio signifies a significant step towards the advancement of AI-driven solutions in the healthcare industry, with the potential to benefit patients in both developed and underserved regions.


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