Manchester Airport, one of the busiest airports in Britain, faced a major setback on Sunday when it had to cancel over 100 flights due to a massive power cut. The cancellation of at least 20 percent of both incoming and outgoing flights resulted in chaos for thousands of travelers. The situation was exacerbated by the fact that easyJet, one of the major airlines operating at the airport, experienced the highest number of flight cancellations.

Passengers at Manchester Airport were left stranded as the power cut caused disruptions in airport security and baggage systems. The airport management advised travelers to avoid the terminals affected by the power outage. This led to a domino effect, with flights being diverted to other airports and delays piling up for passengers trying to board or retrieve their luggage. The situation was so dire that Jet2, another airline operating at the airport, had to cancel multiple flights and faced challenges loading bags onto planes.

After several hours of chaos and confusion, flights gradually resumed in the afternoon, providing some relief to stranded passengers. Chris Woodroofe, the managing director of the airport, expressed hope that operations would return to normal by the following day. However, the aftermath of the power cut and the subsequent disruptions highlighted the vulnerabilities of airport infrastructure and systems.

The incident at Manchester Airport is just one in a series of technical and strike-related disruptions that have plagued the UK travel industry in recent years. From air traffic control faults to immigration e-gate outages, travelers have faced long delays and uncertainties while navigating the transportation network. These incidents underscore the need for stronger contingency plans and more robust infrastructure to mitigate the impact of unforeseen circumstances on travelers.


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