Martin Vargic, a space enthusiast, author, and graphic artist from Slovakia, recently unveiled two visually stunning infographic posters showcasing nearly 1600 exoplanets of diverse types and sizes. His passion for astronomy and space exploration dates back to his childhood, when he marveled at the celestial wonders through his family’s telescope despite the light pollution in his surroundings.

Vargic’s meticulous research and dedication culminated in the creation of “Icy and Rocky Worlds” and “The Exoplanet Zoo,” two intricately designed posters that offer a glimpse into the vast expanse of the universe. By integrating scientific models and the latest data, Vargic presents a comprehensive view of over 1100 known exoplanets, arranged based on their proximity to their respective stars and comparative sizes.

The exoplanet infographic posters capture the diverse and fascinating forms of alien worlds, ranging from the ancient PSR-B1620-26b to the scorching hot gas giant, WASP-12b, which has been distorted into an egg shape due to its close proximity to its star. Vargic’s attention to detail and artistic flair breathe life into these celestial bodies, allowing viewers to envision the unique characteristics of each exoplanet.

The creation of both infographics was a laborious process that spanned 6-7 months, during which Vargic meticulously crafted planetary textures and rendered each planet individually. Gathering data from reputable exoplanet databases such as The Extrasolar Planet Encyclopaedia, NASA Exoplanet Archive, and ExoKyoto, Vargic ensured the accuracy and authenticity of his visual representations.

Vargic’s use of the Sudarsky Scale to determine the colors of the gas giant exoplanets adds a layer of scientific precision to his artistic vision. By considering the chemical composition and temperatures of planetary atmospheres, Vargic brings a new level of detail and realism to his illustrations. Additionally, he draws inspiration from existing exoplanet illustrations to enrich the visual storytelling in his posters.

Martin Vargic’s exoplanet infographic posters serve as a testament to the intersection of art and science. Through his creative genius and dedication to accuracy, Vargic has created a vivid portrayal of the breathtaking diversity and complexity of exoplanetary systems. To explore more of Vargic’s captivating work, visit his website at and immerse yourself in the beauty of the cosmos through his artistic lens.


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