President Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia has expressed optimism about the potential for his country to exploit lithium resources as early as 2028. This follows new guarantees from Australian mining giant Rio Tinto and the European Union regarding a controversial mining project in the Jadar region of western Serbia. According to Rio Tinto, this area holds significant reserves of lithium, a key metal essential for the production of electric vehicle batteries.

The mining project in Jadar dates back to its discovery in 2004, but faced opposition in 2022 when the Serbian government decided to halt the initiative due to widespread protests over environmental and public health concerns. Critics accused Rio Tinto and President Vucic of lacking transparency and failing to disclose crucial environmental impact reports.

President Vucic recently stated that both Rio Tinto and the EU have provided new guarantees regarding compliance with environmental standards for the lithium mining project. He highlighted the potential impact of the mine, estimating an annual production of 58,000 tonnes of lithium. This quantity could account for 17 percent of electric vehicle production in Europe or supply around 1.1 million cars.

In response to the criticism and concerns raised by opponents of the project, Rio Tinto released an environmental impact report that aimed to address and mitigate potential risks associated with the mining operations. The company emphasized the use of safe and reliable technology and denounced what they described as a misinformation campaign spreading unverified claims about the project’s negative effects on water resources, soil, biodiversity, air quality, and human health.

Serbia took a significant step towards solidifying its role in the battery and raw materials industry by signing a letter of intent with the European Commission for a strategic partnership in September 2023. The potential opening of the lithium mine in 2028 could not only benefit Serbia but also have a transformative impact on the region as a whole, positioning the country as a key player in the global electric vehicle market.


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