The recent lawsuit filed by Justina Jong and Amina Salgado against Apple has shed light on the gender pay gap in the tech industry. The lawsuit alleges that Apple systematically underpaid over 12,000 women in various departments, including engineering, marketing, and AppleCare. This case highlights the ongoing issue of pay disparity between men and women in Silicon Valley.

Justina Jong’s discovery of being paid significantly less than her male colleague doing the same job came as a shock. The lawsuit claims that Jong found a W-2 tax form on an office printer belonging to her male counterpart, revealing a $10,000 pay gap. This incident led Jong and Salgado to take legal action against Apple, seeking class-action status and back pay for the affected female employees.

The lawsuit against Apple is not an isolated case in the tech industry. Google’s $118 million settlement with thousands of women in a class-action lawsuit highlighted similar discriminatory practices. Both companies were accused of systematically paying women lower compensation than men with similar qualifications and experience. This trend reflects the broader issue of gender inequality in Silicon Valley.

The implementation of a California law banning employers from inquiring about applicants’ salary history aimed to address the pay gap between men and women. Apple’s practice of asking about salary expectations post-2018 was criticized in the lawsuit for perpetuating past pay disparities. The reliance on previous pay levels to set salaries has contributed to the underpayment of female workers at Apple.

The lawsuit against Apple seeks not only to rectify the past underpayment of female employees but also to prevent future gender-based pay discrepancies. By demanding an order to prohibit Apple from paying women less than men for the same work, Jong and Salgado are advocating for equal pay and fair treatment of female employees. This legal action underscores the importance of addressing systemic gender bias in the technology sector.

The gender pay discrimination lawsuit against Apple serves as a wake-up call for the tech industry to reassess its pay practices and ensure gender equity in the workplace. The allegations made by Justina Jong and Amina Salgado highlight the pervasive nature of the gender pay gap in Silicon Valley and the urgent need for change. It is imperative for companies like Apple to take proactive measures to eliminate pay disparities and promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for all employees.


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