Meta, previously known as Facebook, has put a pause on its plans to use personal data to train its artificial intelligence technology in Europe. This decision was announced by Ireland’s regulator after receiving complaints regarding privacy issues. Last week, a Vienna-based privacy campaign group, known as the European Center for Digital Rights (Noyb), filed complaints in multiple European countries against Meta. These complaints highlighted concerns about Meta’s proposed changes to its privacy policy, which could potentially lead to the unlawful use of personal data for AI development.

The European Center for Digital Rights, also known as Noyb, raised objections to Meta’s plan to use both public and private user data collected since 2007 for training AI technology. The group argued that this move by Meta could have significant privacy implications for users across the European Union. Noyb specifically pointed out that Meta’s proposed changes did not define the type of AI technology that would be developed using this data, raising concerns about the potential misuse of personal information.

In response to the complaints and concerns raised by Noyb, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) acknowledged Meta’s decision to pause its AI training plans using public user data from Facebook and Instagram. The DPC expressed its support for this decision and stated that it would work closely with Meta and other EU data protection authorities to address the privacy issues raised by Noyb. However, the DPC also emphasized the need for continuous monitoring to ensure that Meta’s commitment to pause its plans is upheld.

Despite Meta’s decision to halt its AI training plans for the time being, Noyb founder Max Schrems emphasized that the legal cases filed against Meta are still ongoing. This indicates that there is a need for further investigation and determination regarding Meta’s privacy policy changes. It is essential for regulatory authorities and privacy advocates to closely monitor the situation and ensure that users’ personal data is protected in accordance with data protection regulations.

The privacy concerns raised by Noyb have had a significant impact on Meta’s plans to utilize personal data for AI training in Europe. This development highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the tech industry, particularly when it comes to handling sensitive user information for advanced technologies like artificial intelligence.


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